Featured Realtor

Malisa Hill Beard Realtor With Zeriss Real Estate In North Alabama & Southern Tn. Certified & Insured 2225 Drake Ave, Suite 14 Huntsville, Al. Malisa is a “CHAMPION” for those potential home buyers with “less than perfect” credit… Close In Less Then 10 Days… Perfect Person to help the Buyer find that “Dream Home”… Malisa can provide Matterport 3D Imaging to Sell your Home… Malisa may be reached at: Malisa1298@gmail.com

Explosive Thoughts…

Each Moment Of Each Day, We Let Our Minds Wander The Multiple Pathways Of Our Brain & Unveil To Us; “Explosive Thoughts” Or What We Like To Refer To As “Incredible New Awakenings” & The Necessary Insight Into New Challenges..!

Partners In America

Our “Partners In America” Professional Network Operates In Every Major Market In The Country; Allowing Us To Integrate Our VDO Marketing Strategies With Digital Counterparts,Providing Us With The “Skill Set” Necessary For Any Assignment Regardless Of Location..!

Featured Chemical Engineer

Rifi Ahmad, Accomplished Professional With A Vision of The Future, Including Nano-fiber Technology..! — http://www.nonwovensengineer.net/

Marketing Mouth

WANT TO DISCUSS MARKETING STRATEGY…SHOOT US THE QUESTION & WILL GET RIGHT BACK TO YOU..!! ONE FRESH IDEA… We speak to small business owners every day across this great country and take time via VDO chat to learn about their business and present marketing strategy to attract new clients & customers… More often than not in that first discussion, we get a chance to formulate a “fresh idea” one; that…

Featured Small Businesses

Visit these Featured Small Businesses First Impression Salon & SpaBristol Va.Fun & Casual With High QualityStyling Services @ AffordablePrices…Simply The “Best”..! Schedule Appointment: 276-669-7040

Making Money With David

Featured Investment Strategist! Mr. David Pennington is very smart, extremely personable, and most importantly, intuitive when it comes to financial matters.  He has at his disposal serious financial resources and extensive contacts that work in tandem, to bring “high yield”  investment opportunities to the investor; from commercial real estate to the big board…

Unique Selling Propositions

WE CREATE U.S.P.’s (unique selling propositions). That Which Sets You A Part From Competition, Thus Marginalizing Them… Based On The Research & Psychology Behind How The Consumer: Thinks, Feels, Reasons & Selects Between Brands, Products & Companies… Leading Ultimately To An Engaging & Personal Sales Experience Instilling Trust & Guaranteeing Repeat Business..!

Featured Musical Artists

Check out some of these fabulous musicians… Brad Puckett At Least I’m Feeling Again Nashville Recording Artist Plays Hit Single: Start Your Engines