As members of the Promotional Marketing Team for VDOMagazine.Net, we spend a good deal of time evaluating “Consumer Purchasing Data”…
So let’s take a look around to see how many small businesses in the Triangle of NC all have the same things in common: Most are struggling online & beyond to establish an “Identity”, to raise “Awareness” about their respective companies on the Net & Elsewhere…
They need something “Out Of The Ordinary” to set them above the maddening crowd, chaos & the noise..! VDOMagazine.Net has that “Answer”..!
We create SEO Enhanced “Personalized” Storytelling Video for the small business owner centered around their “SINGULARITY”… Their Uniqueness, Individuality & Exceptionalism, setting them above the noise, eliminating Competition, while creating “Continuous New Business. This is accomplished by progressively promoting the Storytelling Video, utilizing our 10 pt. Digital Marketing Strategy each Day with Frequency..
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