Business Blogging: Why It’s Crucial For Growth and How to Do It

Blogging has evolved beyond recognition in the last decade. Once considered an amateur pursuit for people to share opinions, blogs are now an integral part of marketing. It’s a source for some of the most valuable content online, filled with useful and relevant information.

It is worth remembering people don’t only go online to purchase. They use the Internet for information, news and research.

As such, businesses are increasingly seeing the value of having a blog for lead generation, rankings, awareness and more. Let’s take a look.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google is always looking for authoritative and fresh content. The technology giant regularly updates its algorithms to improve search results. Google’s full list of filters isn’t known but it does include keywords and the number of links to your site. A survey found companies that have a blog receive 97 percent more links than those who do not.

Having a fully optimized blog will help drive traffic to your site and therefore boost the revenue of your business.

Brand Development

Your blog is the one area of the Internet where you have complete control of the content. It provides an opportunity to share your personal thoughts and ideas within the industry. By focusing on producing high-quality, relevant content, you can position yourself as a thought leader. Authoritative posts lift the brand of your business and are more likely to get shared across social media.

It is an excellent platform to promote your products but complement those posts with informative content. If you simply write about your products and nothing else, your blog will have little value.

Digital marketing agency Demand Gen, found that 47 percent of customers look at 3-5 pieces of content online before making the first step to a purchase. This shows the real value people place on high-quality posts. Finding it on your blog will improve the perception of your brand.

Social Media

Coordinating your blog with a social media strategy is a powerful combination. Having fresh content on the site immediately gives marketers something to talk about on Twitter or Facebook. The interactions can work both ways. If you or your marketing team see something interesting on social media, you can share your thoughts about it on your blog.

This keeps the stream of content flowing and keeping engaged with your customers. By making your posts easily shareable, you can increase your reach even further.

Engage With Your Customers

You can engage with your customers in a number of ways. To pick up from the point about social media, here’s a graph showing the most shared posts by content length. The results are decisive. The longer the post, the more shares they get:

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